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Welcome Center Brochure Information

Brochure Costs

Single Pocket (4"x9"):

$120/ Welcome Center for 1-8 locations
$108/ Welcome Center for 9 or more locations

Double Pocket (up to 8.5"x11"):

$240/ Welcome Center for 1-8 locations
$216/ Welcome Center for 9 or more locations

Delivery Options

Central Warehouse option:

With the Central Warehouse option, you ship your brochures to one address (the warehouse). Once received at the Warehouse, your brochure deliveries to the Welcome Centers are managed through our distribution network.

If you opt to distribute your brochure via the Warehouse, you ship all of your brochures to one address. You can also make just one or two shipments a year, for example when your brochures come off the press or you have an up-date. We will warehouse and distribute your brochures to the Welcome Centers; the Welcome Center staff orders your brochure through our online ordering site. Once a brochure is ordered, the brochure is pulled, packaged, and delivered/shipped to the Welcome Center. When your warehouse inventory gets low, we notify you that additional inventory is needed.

Central Warehouse Shipping Address:
11049 Lakeridge Parkway
Ashland, VA 23005

Self Distribution/Direct Delivery option:

You might choose to ship your brochures to each Welcome Center yourself. We call this option "Direct Delivery".

If you choose the Direct Delivery option, you are responsible for sending sufficient brochures to all of the Welcome Centers that are distributing your brochures. With the Direct Delivery option, the staff at each Welcome Center distributing your brochure will contact you throughout the year whenever additional brochures are needed at that Welcome Center.

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