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Enhanced Digital Spotlight

The Skippers and Northern Virginia Gateway Virginia Welcome Centers have 65" screens in the centers. These screens display a series of 1-minute and 30 second digital profiles that put an Enhanced Digital Spotlight on destinations, attractions, and events across the Commonwealth.

Six Enhanced Digital Spotlight slots are available every quarter at each Welcome Center. For a $199 investment, you can put your destination, attraction, or special event on center stage.

Enhanced Digital Spotlight features include:

  • These spotlights can be viewed by travelers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • Your Spotlight can incorporate a custom slideshow with sound or video footage.
  • Use your Spotlight to highlight destinations, attractions, and even special events.
  • Your Spotlight is displayed on a 65” digital screen.
  • Digital screens are located near the Welcome Center entrance for maximum exposure.
  • Only 6 Spotlight slots are available in a Welcome Center. Partners receive a minimum exposure of 6 showings per hour!
  • Spotlight space is reserved and displayed on a quarterly basis.
  • You may choose multiple quarters, multiple centers, and even multiple Spotlight topics.

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