NEW in 2019! First Come, First Serveā€¦.

NEW Partnership Marketing and Advertising opportunities are continually being explored by the Virginia Tourism Team.  It’s exciting that in 2019 there are 5 new products and programs available for partners to add to their Marketing Mix.  
Due to the nature of these programs there is limited availability…Enroll TODAY! 

Branded 4' x 6' Entrance Rugs

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We are pleased to offer the first impression to each of our 13 Virginia Welcome Centers (1 per Welcome Center).

You will get the opportunity to provide a branded rug that will be located inside the Welcome Center at the front door or front counter. You control the tourism message or welcome you want to provide our Virginia Visitors. Take this opportunity to make an immediate impression and invite our visitors to start the conversation about your tourism product. We can help you create a rug if you need assistance.

Cost: $600.00/year

Interior Window Clings

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We have expanded our window cling offering to some additional windows located on the interior of some Welcome Centers. Our centers are all unique so these opportunities differ from location to location. This is the biggest, boldest and most cost effective per square inch product we offer at the Virginia Welcome Centers. Your image and message will be located in a superb spot in every situation. Don’t wait, these opportunities go fast and usually get renewed for many years.

Cost: Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Table Top Pull-Up Banners

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Want a cost effective way to get your brand out in front of our visitors and staff? Then consider enrolling in the table top pull up banner program. These are limited to (2) total banners per center. We will place these economically produced pull up banners with your brand message at or near the customer service counter.

Cost: $150.00/year or $250.00/year for both.

Co-Branded Eco-Friendly Bags

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Virginia visitors like to brochure shop in our Virginia Welcome Centers. Because of this we offer a Virginia is for Lovers eco-friendly paper shopping bag for their convenience. This bag helps them keep their brochures together and even condones taking more! This is a co-op between VTC and you. We will brand the bag with one of our Virginia is for Lovers sub-brands of your choice and you get to brand the other side of the bag with your brand or message. This opportunity is available in certain quantities. You can also pick which Welcome Centers you would like your co-branded shoppers bag to be distributed in. Feel free to reach out if you would also like to receive some co-branded bags for your upcoming event or show.

Minimum quantity 5,000.

Special Event Kit

Need an additional blast for a special event? Use our Special Event Kit Opportunity to highlight the event.

We are adding another short term opportunity to our list of products. If you have an event that is coming up we will advertise it up to (2) weeks in advance through the date of the event at the Welcome Center of your choice. The kit includes hand bills, counter top acrylic frame for poster, bulletin board posters (when available) rack card and we will even display event swag if available.

Cost: $25.00

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